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What is Le Bouchon Anglais ?

The world of wine is a wonderful thing. There is just so much to learn, discover and taste! It is sometimes very complex and difficult to understand. Le Bouchon Anglais breaks down these barriers to the world of wine by offering interesting, interactive and enjoyable wine tastings that will enable you to learn more about the fundamentals of wine. The wine tastings are open to all levels whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is always something to learn about wine.

Who is Le Bouchon Anglais ?

Le Bouchon Anglais, is me - Felicity DEMONT - born in England but has lived in France since 2003. Attracted by the French culture and the wonders of French wine, I completed my WSET level 3 with honours and then set up Le Bouchon Anglais in November 2017. I created Le Bouchon Anglais to share my passion about wine with others. Le Bouchon Anglais has several offerings; not only is there the wine tasting experiences for both Individuals and Companies. Le Bouchon Anglais also provides services such as advice on which wines to buy for a party, a wedding, or any such social event, I also accompany Wine Bars with their wine selections and tastings and finally help independent wineries with their English / French translations.

Wine tasting experiences

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Our services

Jury panel

Bringing its expertise to the media and press, Le Bouchon Anglais regularly participates in wine competitions as part of the panel of Juries.

Wine sales

Le Bouchon Anglais works in partnership with several vineyards in France. We will be delighted to recommend wines at good prices for all occasions.

Advice and guidance

Le Bouchon Anglais can help with all your marketing and communication needs, whether it be for one or all steps of your project.


Le Bouchon Anglais can help you with translating your website, sales brochures to enable you to become more visible in the international marketplace.

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