Terms of Use

Article 1: Definitions

– "Service Provider" refers to the company Le Bouchon Anglais, a SASU specializing in the sale of wine products and the organization of tastings, with a share capital of 5,000 euros, registered with the Versailles Trade and Companies Register under identification number 892 345 678, whose registered office is located at 12 Rue de la République – 78000 Versailles, represented by its President, Mrs. Felicity Demont.

– "User" refers to any user browsing or accessing the features of the Website.

Article 2 - Access and Features of the Website

The Website is freely accessible to any user with an internet connection. The latest versions of browsers and operating systems are recommended for a better user experience.

Article 3 - Declarations, Warranties, and Responsibilities

The User declares and warrants that they will not use the Website for purposes other than those envisaged herein.

The User guarantees the Service Provider against any complaints, claims, actions, convictions, and/or any other claims that the Service Provider may suffer due to the User's violation of any of their obligations or warranties under these terms and conditions.

Article 4 - Ownership

The Service Provider is the sole owner of the Website, including its images, texts, and their improvements/modifications, including all intellectual property rights provided by laws and regulations.

Article 5 - Hyperlinks, Advertising, and Customer Reviews

The Website may offer hyperlinks to third-party websites. The Service Provider disclaims all responsibility for their offers, actions, content, products, services, or any other available elements.

Article 6 - Reporting, Complaints, or Requests

Any report, complaint, or request regarding the content herein should be made in writing by email to felicity.demont@lebouchonanglais.com, or by mail to the following address: Le Bouchon Anglais, 12 Rue de la République, 78000 Versailles.

Article 7 - Miscellaneous

The clauses of this Agreement are divisible. If any clause is invalid or unenforceable, the other clauses remain in effect.

These terms are written in French and governed by French law. In case of dispute, the Courts of Paris will have exclusive jurisdiction.